About Us – Pat and Kris Larkin

We have been married 32 years,  and believe very strongly that God did not put us on this earth just for our own happiness and fulfullment . . . in the words of Pastor Rick Warren: “It’s not about you!”  We have been blessed in many areas: business; property management, business management, a fabulous marriage, the gift of hospitality . . . entertaining, cooking and making people feel comfortable.  We have also been blesssed with creativity; photography, writing and teaching. 
We Love “Sharing our Stuff” which is sharing our life lessons in the areas of our giftedness with others to help them to better navigate life! 
We owned and Operated one of the largest Residential Property Management Companies in Orange County, California and love “Sharing our Property Managment Stuff” through Books, e-books, Seminars, Webinars and our blogs.


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