Rental Property Forms and Documents

The forms and documents you use in managing your rental properties set the tone for how under control or out of control your management really is.  Legal documents are very important and do a lot to set the stage for the period you will be working with your Tenants.  But the forms, checklists and letter templates . . . if you have never experienced certain situations . . . you will be “re-inventing the wheel” each time a new challenge presents itself.  Let’s take for instance that challenging Tenant of yours who throws one of those off-the-wall requests out there . . . how are you going to respond.  We have developed a “No” letter which, in a very polite way explains to your Tenant that you understand their request but per section XYZ of their lease . . . you will not be able to accommodate them.  Kris and I have experienced a lot of tough and challenging situations in managing investment properties and consequently have created forms, letter templates and checklists for nearly every situation . . . we got tired of re-inventing the wheel every time something came up!  Our life lessons are for your benefit!  this is not necessarily a sales thing but rather . . . making you aware of a resource that is out there which will make your management of rental properties more efficient, timely and more profitable!

See what others are saying about our forms and documents in this short video

Along with our forms, documents and checklists, we have developed a lot of time and money saving resources to help you Manage to Make Money with your rentals.  Come, visit and check us out at:

As always, thank you for reading!

Pat & Kris


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