“Buying low cost property and renting it is a great way to create wealth and constant cash flow, but it can be tricky and very non-productive and even a disaster if you don’t know how to do it properly and profitably.”

Mike Rounds

There is so much to be said for education, and what an integral part of our life it plays . . . except when it comes to managing rental properties.  Many of us take high level, intellectual courses that deal with a lot of great theory but many of those fail to get to the heart of managing rental properties . . . having systems and procedures in place to deal with the down-in-the-trenches, day-to-day issues of managing properties.

I hesitated this morning to write on this subject.  Because we are so involved in teaching our workshops, I didn’t want to come off as a shameless marketer.  OK, perhaps a bit of marketer is creeping in but my motivation for this subject this morning is mainly from the perspective of letting you know about a valuable resource.  We have taught our Rental property workshops to thousands of participants and where we really get our pay off is in seeing the “lights going on” when one of our students “gets it”!

Oriented for professionals and novices alike, these workshops deal with the roll-up-your-sleeves issues such as: Getting your property ready for market, Marketing your Property, Listing your property for lease, Leasing your Property, Collecting Rent, Dealing with Challenging Tenants, Tenant Move out, Dealing with Homeowner Associations and Property Maintenance.  Through our years of owning and operating one of the largest residential property management firms in Orange County, California we have come up with lots of systems, processes, forms and documents to make management easier.  In our classes, we share this stuff with our students so that every time a situation comes up, they aren’t caught “flat-footed” having to re-invent the wheel . . . again . . . and again!

We will be starting our workshop tour next week in Northern California and then moving to Orange County and San Diego and then back through the Midwest.  If you know of anyone in those areas . . . property manager . . . property owner managing their own property . . . someone thinking of buying rental property, please forward this posting to them.  Click here for our Workshop Schedule and More Workshop Information.  There is good information to be gained through these workshops and/or our books and other resources offered at our web site.  Click here for Rental Property Management Resources

See what people have said about our workshops:

“I’ve done everything wrong!  Pat and Kris showed that there are “do-overs” and that I can learn from my mistakes, turn my property around and do a good job of managing it!”

Workshop Participant – Pasadena City College

“I came back and took the workshop a second time because I learned so much the first time and the instructors are so down to earth, I wanted to learn more!”

Workshop Participant – Sierra College

As always, thank you for reading!

Pat and Kris


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