Renovating Your Property and Getting the Most Bang for your Buck

When you are updating or renovating your investment property, it is important that you put your money where your prospective Tenants will appreciate it most.  First and foremost, get that cottage cheese (acoustic) off of those ceilings!  This can be done by having your painter scape the acoustic off and re-texture and paint or “skin” over the acoustic, tape, bed and texture and repaint.  The skinning is particularly effective if your acoustic ceilings are full of asbestos . . . and many are.

Next is to restore those tired and dull fiberglass tubs and showers with epoxy paint and resurface your double dark 1970’s cabinets with a lighter color.  contact a “tub restoration firm to do this.  They typically apply an epoxy paint product which is mixable to most any color you wish.  I do recommend though, that you have the professionals do this job.  The paint is highly toxic and a bit tricky to work with.

Next, hardware; update all the old door knobs, towel bars and toilet paper holders with the latest finishes; bronze or brushed nickel (note: be sure to do this BEFORE you paint).  Now you are ready to update your light fixtures.  When you match them to your new killer hardware, it ties the look of the property together in a great looking package that your prospective tenants will love.  Our experience is that the big box stores are your best resource for these products for price and selection.

As always, thank you for reading!

Pat & Kris

We have also put together a short video on this subject CLICK HERE to view it.

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