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Eviction Attorney – How Do You Find a Good One?

If you are serious about managing rental property, you will need a good eviction attorney on your team.  This article will give you some tips on just how to find a good eviction attorney. In a previous article we posed the question:  How do you collect rent?  And the answer was three things; !Get a Good Eviction Attorney, 2. Get a Good Eviction Attorney and 3. Get a good Eviction Attorney!  Gee, that is all well and good but how do you find a good eviction attorney?  Let’s start there.

We recommend that, if at all possible, you need to go from personal reference; from a friend or your local Board of Realtors or Apartment Association.   If that isn’t a possibility for you then check your local yellow pages or search the web in your area.  Once you have the names there are three things you will want to make sure of: 1. That they only do evictions (unlawful detainers) or at least it is a regular part of their business.  You don’t want a family law attorney who will do one for you “this time”. 

Your eviction attorney should be well versed at the ins and outs of evictions, changes in the law and so on.  if they are not, when pitted against a “professional Tenant” (a Tenant who know the laws and how to navigate between them) they will lose you valuable time in getting your property back.  Next, check their references.  You want to make sure that they have done a good job for others they have done work for.  Remember, you aren’t necessarily looking for a “nice” eviction attorney…they need to be tough and assertive.  Our eviction attorney wasn’t particularly nice to us…but he was good at his craft!  Finally the third thing is to have your eviction attorney in place BEFORE you even rent your property . . . or at lease before you need them.  As we discussed in our article “Collecting Rent” having the eviction attorney is essential in collecting rent if you have a Tenant that is slow to pay…he will help to back up any threats (promises)  you have to make to your Tenants.

In summary: when looking for an eviction attorney, just you would in any trade; you want to find the best expert you can to be on your team.  Be sure they are well versed in evictions (or unlawful detainers).

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When Kris and I were traveling and staying with some friends, we walked into the room they had prepared for us and on the lamp was an antique looking sign which read:  “Our guest bring us great joy . . . some when they arrive  . . . and others when they leave!”   I felt that way about our Tenants . . . it’s the waiting for the joy at the end!

In the meantime, we are all challenging people to live with . . . some more than most!  We categorize our challenging Tenants into three primary categories: 1.) Students 2.) Entitled Tenants and 3.) Those Tenants who upset the neighbors around them.  In a way, they all have similar attributes . . . they want to live their lives . . . regardless how disruptive to others around them . . . any way they choose.  Many of these Tenants “bully” their way through life . . . pushing their way through.  Our tip for dealing with all types of challenging Tenants is to show respect to them, but also show your resolve.  Be assertive in requiring that they go by the same rules that most others on the planet go by.  One strategy we have developed is our “No” letter.  Very basically it just says very respectfully: “Thank you mister Tenant for sharing your concern with us.  At this time however, we will not be able to meet your expectation due to (and state your practical or legal reason from their lease).  Another approach if they are disturbing their neighbors or causing damage to the property is to threaten them with a notice to comply with their lease or move and I can promise you that they won’t like either approach.  But with your resolve . . . you will get this challenging situation under control.

If this posting has been helpful to you, please visit our website at: where you can find our “No” letter as well as  many more tools, tips and techniques for managing your rental property profitably.

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