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Do You Have a Pet Policy?

 We recommend that you include a “pet clause” (pun intended!) in every lease or rental agreement you enter into.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you allow pets in your property . . . always include language concerning conditions for having a pet.  If you don’t allow pets and you lease it with that condition, Tenants have been known to bring pets in anyway (say it isn’t true!).  Seriously, a Tenant may get the emotional tug at their heart strings by a cute, sad-eyed puppy and they simply can’t resist.  They buy the dog and decide to hide it from you.  If that dog . . . especially if it is a puppy, causes damage to your rental property, and you have no terms and conditions the Tenants have agreed to, recouping costs for repairing damage caused by the animal can become fuzzy at best.  If you allow pets and your Tenant signs your agreement regarding pets all the better!

Our pet clause was crafted by one of our owners who was an attorney and this is the best pet clause I have seen . . . you might say it has “claws” . . . sorry . . . I couldn’t help it!  To download our documents forms and checklists (including our killer pet clause) or to order a CD with the same information or if you just want more tips on how to effectively manage your investment property, visit our web site at: or call 949-689-4344.

To view a short video on this subject click on this link: WATCH VIDEO

Thank you for reading!  Best of luck with your properties!

Pat and Kris


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